OPTP PRO Shoulder Support - Rehabilitation Support For After Surgery

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Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with decades of experience working with shoulder injuries, the PRO Shoulder Support™ cradles the shoulder joint in a healthy position. By elevating and decompressing the shoulder joint it counteracts gravity and the weight of the arm, which helps decrease pain and soreness. By positioning your arm away from your body, it also allows greater blood flow to the rotator cuff muscles, which helps speed recovery. 

Sizing Information:
Measure the circumference of the upper arm as high as possible, just below the armpit.

  • #324 PRO Shoulder Support™ fits 12.5”-17.5” circumference.
  • #323 PRO Shoulder Support™ Large/Extra Large fits 17.5” circumference and up.

The PRO Shoulder Support is ideal for: 
  • Individuals rehabilitating following shoulder surgery 
  • Individuals recovering from shoulder injury
  • Those experiencing arthritis  
  • Overhead athletes, including those who play baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, swimmers, football players and more 
  • Anyone seeking relief from shoulder pain caused by daily activities 

OPTP PRO Shoulder Support

How to Use the PRO Shoulder Support: 
Use the the PRO Shoulder Support while you do your daily activites, work on the computer, sleep, while watching TV, and any time you need relief. 

OPTP PRO Shoulder Support
  • Slide the PRO Shoulder Support over your wrist and position it in your underarm/axilla 
  • Adjust the strap to a snug fit. If you experience any discomfort, tingling or numbness, you may be applying it too tightly. Reposition or adjust, as needed.
  • Allow your arm to rest completely. Continue wearing for 20-30 minutes or greater, depending on comfort and need. 
  • For nighttime usage while sleeping on your side or back, ensure the strap is not too tight. 

Care and Cleaning: Remove cover before cleaning. Hand wash with a mild detergent. Air dry completely. Spot clean between washings using a damp cloth or sponge.