ReTyre Traction Tire For All Mobility Wheelchairs - Snaps On & Off

Triumph Mobility 100-1100300
$199.75 $299.95
You save 33% ($100.20)
Wheel Size

The reTyre Traction tire skins are a unique detachable tyre covers that provide better friction and grip on soft/wet/slippery surfaces and facilitates accessibility. In addition to better grip, you also get an extra puncture protection. Mounting is easy with a Velcro lined clip that clicks on the rim, attach the reTyre Traction to the clip and roll it on to the wheel. 


  • Made of natural rubber. Tire size wheels: 24", 25" or 26"
  • Designed for wheelchair driving with an optimized pattern for low rolling resistance good propulsion and braking.
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • They come with a handy bag to store them in when not in use, which makes it easy to bring them with you for maximum freedom.
  • Works with your brake without adjustment.
  • Sold as a Pair