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Skil-Care Roll-Control Bed Bolsters - Bed Support System w/Attached 30° Bolster

Skil-Care 556020
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The Skil-Care Roll-Control Bed Bolsters comes with two 30 degree wedges integral with a reinforced nylon fabric. 30 degree angle is the optimum angle of incline for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx. Launderable absorbent pad attaches to the system for added comfort and incontinence protection.


  • Absorbent pad has a non-skid bottom and can be used alone as a bed overlay
  • Two 30º wedges integrated with a reinforced nylon fabric
  • The 30º angle is an optimal angle of incline for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx area
  • Launderable absorbent pad attaches to system for added comfort and incontinence protection