Smart Caregiver Cordless Bed and Chair Exit System - Includes Monitor with 20in x 30in Bed Pad and 10in x 15in Chair Pad

Smart Caregiver 433-EC+GBT-WI+GCT-WI
$182.95 $219.95
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  • System Includes (1) 433-EC Cordless Monitor, (1) GBT-WI 20in x 30in Cordless Bed Pad, and (1) GCT-WI 10in x 15in Cordless Chair Pad
  • 433-EC Monitor has low, medium, and high volume control, Low battery indicator, and Chime/Off switch.
  • GBT-WI Bed Pad is 20in x 30in and will come preprogrammed to monitor
  • GCT-WI Bed Pad is 10in x 15in and will come preprogrammed to monitor
  • Monitor runs on either 3 "C" batteries (not included) or AC-04 Adapter (not included)