Smart Caregiver Cordless Weight Sensing Chair or Bed Pads -Monitor Also Available

Smart Caregiver GBT-RI
$79.95 $139.99
You save 42% ($60.04)

This low cost cordless chair & bed exit sensing pads can work with multiple fall prevention and anti-wandering components and is compatible with the 433-CMU, 433-EC or TL-2100G monitor alarm. Add a motion sensor or pressure sensing floor mat to provide you with an economical fall prevention and anti-wandering system. It also works with wireless nurse call buttons as well. Because there are no cords, the cordless bed exit sensing pad also reduces tripping hazards. It is portable - you can take it with you anywhere in a home. Caregiver is notified by a bright blinking light and audible alarm when a patient is about to get up from bed, chair or leave a room unassisted, which gives the caregiver the freedom to attend to other duties while being available to respond to a resident when needed. System has a one year manufacturer warranty.


  • Economical, flexible and expandable. This is an ideal system to monitor residents at risk for fall or wandering in a home or facility.
  • 1 cordless wireless bed sensing pad made of a soft, latex-free vinyl, with foam interior and is sealed for incontinence protection.
  • Place bed sensing pad across the width of the bed, under the fitted sheet. Position the pad under the resident's shoulder blades for best use.
  • Compatible with 433-CMU, 433-EC or TL-2100G monitor alarm (not included).
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.