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Smart Caregiver Wireless Fall Monitor with Chair Pressure Sensing Pad and Pager Kit

Smart Caregiver WMC1-SYS
$179.95 $229.95
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The Wireless Fall Monitor with Chair Sensor Pad and Pager Kit from Smart Caregiver gives nurses and caregivers the freedom to move around and perform other tasks with the confidence that they'll be alerted if a patient/resident in their care gets out of bed, moves around or needs assistance. The Chair Sensor Pad is placed under the resident on the chair. When resident gets up and pressure is released from the pad the Fall Monitor will be activated and alert the caregiver with a wireless signal sent to the Pager. The kit contains one (1) Wireless Fall Monitor ; one (1) Silver Lining 10 in. x 15 in. Chair Sensor Pad with 1 Year Warranty; and one (1) Caregiver LCD Pager. 


  • Smart Caregiver monitor alarms wirelessly to caregiver pager!
  • When patients tries to get up caregiver is alerted and can hit a RESET button right on the front of the monitor without turning it off!
  • Keep The Noise Out of The Room! Adjust volume all the way down and just get alerted on the pager!!
  • Wireless pager has LCD screen, adjustable tone and volume, and vibrate settings!
  • Alarm features include a status light for visual alert that the system is in use, a call button that the resident may press to alert the caregiver pager, low battery light, pad lost notification that would alert the caregiver if the bed sensor pad becomes unplugged or possibly damaged and adjustable volume. Alarm requires a 9 volt battery, not included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Non-Returnable. For health and sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item.