SmartCaregiver Wireless Economy Quiet Fall Alert System -Floor Mat, Caregiver Pager & Monitor

Smart Caregiver TL-2020 and TL-2020P and FM-05
Floor Mat Size

Wireless Economy Quiet Fall Alert with Floor Mat and Caregiver Pager from Smart Caregiver gives caregivers the freedom to move around and perform other tasks with the confidence that they'll be alerted if a patient/resident in their care gets out of bed or walks through a doorway/hallway. The Floor Mat Sensor is placed by the bed or in a doorway. When resident gets up and pressure is applied to the mat, the Fall Monitor will be activated and alert the caregiver with a wireless signal sent to the Pager. There is a 150-300 ft. range on this floor mat pager system.


  • The system contains (1) TL-2020 Wireless Economy Monitor, (1) Corded Floor Mat, and (1) Caregiver Pager.
  • TL-2020 Wireless Economy Monitor has a status light, low battery light, and a call button. The monitor requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Corded Floor Mat plugs into the Monitor and will signal alert at the monitor and/or pager once pressure is applied to the mat. Place by bedside or in a doorway/hallway to be alerted when resident attempts to get up or wander away.
  • TL-2020P Caregiver Pager will receive a signal from the monitor when activated. The pager requires 2 AA batteries (not included)