SUNHEAT Extra wide Zero Gravity Whole Body Leather Massage Chair

SUNHEAT International MC8890BLK

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The Zero Gravity Whole Body Leather Massage Chair by SUNHEAT is designed to give you the most comfortable and best feeling massage a chair can give you. Stress and pain are two things we can do without, and the massage chair is your solution to those problems, and many more. This chair has a 2 stage zero gravity feature that leans you back to a 118 degree recline for the ultimate feeling of zero gravity. Not only can you experience massages simulating Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, stroking, rolling, and more, but you will also enjoy the carbon-fiber infrared heating therapy. All of this can be controlled at your fingertips with a remote. 50" Super Long L Shape Massage Track. All models come with a three year warranty.


  • Enjoy total relaxation and freedom from stress
  • Computerized complete body scan
  • Extra wide
  • LCD controller
  • Carbon-fiber heating therapy
  • Advanced airbag massage system design
  • Built-in arm and hand air massage
  • Dimensions: Height 50" x Width 32"

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