Theralite 10,000 LUX mood & Energy Enhancing Therapy Light

Carex Health Brands FGP80500
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The TheraLite is a wellness lamp for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of light deficiency. Using energy-saving LED technology, TheraLite produces 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light with NO harmful UV. Bright light therapy helps ease the symptoms of the Winter Blues, jet lag, shift work adjustment, and circadian sleep disorders.


  • Provides the doctor recommended 10000 LUX. For SAD lamps to be effective, they must provide 10,000 LUX at a comfortable distance. The winter blues light provides 10,000 LUX from just 10" sitting distance.
  • Built-in stand and cover. The compact built-in stand keeps the seasonal depression lamp at a comfortable angle for users. Its small size makes it perfect for desks and where room is limited.
  • Height and angle adjustable. The natural light lamp can be easily adjusted to the user's preferences. It has three angle options for a more or less direct treatment. It can be switched from portrait to landscape to direct the light.
  • Safe and effective. The light therapy box effectively blocks UV to protect the user's vision. It's perfect for those with mild to moderate conditions and in need of light box therapy on a budget.
  • A natural treatment for various conditions. SAD light therapy is a clinically proven method for treating ailments such as seasonal depression, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, jet lag, and more. It works by using a 10000 LUX light that mimics the sun and resetting one's circadian rhythm. This is especially effective for those not receiving enough sunlight, specifically in fall and winter.