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TR Equipment TR900SS Stainless Steel Bathing System - Hi/Lo Bath Tub

TR Equipment 05192150-SS
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Height adjustable bathtubs that meets all your hygiene and work safety related needs for assisted bathing as institutional bathing.

Assisting patients with bathing is a fundamental aspect of maintaining the patient's hygiene. Bathing not only helps the patient to feel clean and gain a sense of normalcy, but bathing also removes dirt, perspiration, bacteria, and dead skin as well as promotes blood circulation.

Ergonomically designed, and the clean look also makes bathing relaxing and enjoyable.


  • The emergency lowering function is activated at power failure and gives you the possibility to lower the bath by pushing a button inside the bath.
  • Disinfection Fluid Flow Meter - Flow meter control for dilution of cleaning solution. Only for TR 900 models with cleaning.
  • The 3/4” (22 mm) thermostatic mixing valve, the 3/4” internal piping and the double filling spouts give a good water flow and short filling time.
  • The digital LED thermometer shows the shower and bathtub filling water temperature and the Autofill models also show the still water temperature in the bathtub.
  • The cleaning system with yellow hose (see picture) is mixed with cold water to minimize inhalation of the cleaning mixture, which is pre-set at the factory to avoid unnecessary alteration.
  • Unique whirlpool inlet cleaning adapter. The whirlpool bath models allow you to regulate both jet direction and the quantity of air.
  • The extra width of the bathtub at the head end allows more space for arms and shoulders and is an advantage when shampooing. The double skin bathtub minimizes heat loss. TR 900 is delivered with an adjustable foot support as standard.
  • Height Adjustment: Lowest position 24 Inches from the floor up to the bath rim.
    Highest position 37 Inches from the floor up to the bath rim.

Configuration Options

Autofill - Autofill function rapidly fills the bathub and makes the complete bathing cycle more efficient and minimizes the heat loss.

Cleaning & Disinfection System - Separate cleaning system with safety on and off valves to ease cleaning of Bath and other equipment.

Whirlpool - The Whirlpool system generates a gentle massaging effect that stimulates blood circulation that may ease muscle tension.

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