Tzora Titan and Hummer Battery Pack with Plastic Casing - 2 Batteries

Tzora RS2274001
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Tzora Titan Battery Pack with Plastic Casing


  • TWO of 12V 26Ah ( SPS BRAND) Replacement Battery for Tzora Titan (2 PACK)
  • Shipment contains only batteries, please reuse your cables and connectors for Tzora Titan (2 PACK)
  • Specifically designed for deep cycle applications - Scooters,Wheelchair,Solar, Emergency Lights,Etc.
  • Battery Spec: 12V 26Ah, Length = 6.5 IN, Width = 6.86 IN, Height = 4.94 IN, Weight per battery = 20
  • Voltage Matching: When more than 1 battery is ordered,we will send you the batteries that were manufactured in the same batch. Also, in our final inspection of the batteries, we take the extra step in voltage matching the batteries that you ordered. Voltage matching will not only ensure optimal performance, but it will extend the battery and equipment life

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