Vive Health Denture Cleaning Tablets - Kills 99.9% of All Bacteria - 3 Month Supply

Vive Health LVA1086
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Effectively kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria, the Vive Dental Denture Cleaning Tablets thoroughly cleanse dental appliances to eliminate odors, buildup and stains. Use daily in addition to brushing for complete denture care.

Working in as little as 15 minutes, the denture tabs dissolves plaque, tartar, stains and buildup, restoring freshness and brightness to full-plate dentures and partials. For removing tough stains, allow dentures to soak overnight

3 Month Supply Per Box


  • KILLS 99.9% OF ALL BACTERIA - Effectively eliminates all bacteria buildup in as little as 15 minutes
  • ELIMINATES ODORS - Neutralizes unpleasant odors and infuses a minty taste for freshness
  • REMOVES TOUGH STAINS - Dissolves plaque, tartar, stains and buildup for a brighter appearance
  • SAFE FOR ALL APPLIANCES - Tablets safely clean all dental appliances, including dentures, partials, invisalign, retainers, mouthguards and more
  • THREE MONTH SUPPLY - Contains 90 tablets for a full three months of complete denture cleaning
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - Each tablet is individually packaged for convenient travel