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Vive Health Folding Rowing Machine with Smart Phone Compatibility

Vive Health RHB1094
$399.99 $449.99
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Featuring ten levels of smooth magnetic resistance, the Vive rowing machine provides low impact cardio exercise that targets the arms, shoulders, thighs and calves for a complete, full-body workout. The rowing machine has an extra-long, 39” slide rail with an ergonomic, non-slip seat and pivoting, textured foot pedals with adjustable straps for a secure fit throughout any workout.

Folding for compact storage, the Vive rowing machine includes wheels on the front for easy portability. The space-saving design has a footprint of 22” by 26” and is ideal for those with limited floor space. Constructed with durable steel and composite materials, the rowing machine includes a wide, foam-lined handlebar for a comfortable, nonslip grip.

Making monitoring your progress easy, the large LCD display allows you to view row count, the time elapsed, row count per minute and estimated calories burned at a glance. Toggle through the displayed values with the touch of a button that is easily.


  • FOLDING ROWING MACHINE - Space-saving, the Vive rowing machine easily folds for compact storage between workouts

  • COMPREHENSIVE WORKOUTS - Effectively working every major muscle group, the rowing machine provides low-impact cardiovascular exercise

  • LONG SLIDE RAIL - Allowing a full range of motion, the rowing machine slide rail measures 39” in length

  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION KNOB - Enabling a smooth and quiet rowing motion, the rowing machine includes ten levels of resistance for customizable workouts

  • LARGE MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY - Easy to read, the large LCD screen displays current row count, the time elapsed, estimated calories burned, row count per minute and the total count of rows completed to date

  • PADDED HANDLEBAR - Attached with a durable rope, the handlebar is lined with soft foam for a comfortable, yet secure grip