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Vive Health Mobility XL All Weather Scooter Cover - Fits Most Scooters

Vive Health MOB1028
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The Vive Mobility Scooter Cover protects your scooter from the elements when away from home and proper shelter. The waterproof dust cover is a weatherproof barrier that easily slides over your three or four-wheel scooter and then is secured with a drawstring base for windier conditions. Made with a durable, tear-resistant material, the scooter cover repels rain, sleet and snow, dust, dirt and debris, ensuring your scooter is ready to ride as needed.

Features Highlights


    Our Vive Mobility Scooter Cover protects your scooter from wind, rain, dust and debris


    Great for moderate inclement weather, our scooter cover repels water and protects your scooter from dirt, dust and UV damage


    Made with heavy-duty material, our cover is tear-resistant with reinforced seams for greater durability


    Designed for use with three and four-wheel mobility scooters, including XL scooters


    Secure the scooter cover in windy conditions with the integrated drawstring base



  • For covering and protecting a mobility scooter from water, wind, dirt and debris
  • Warning: Our Vive Mobility Scooter Cover is not a substitute for a garage or general indoor storage for a mobility scooter. Most mobility scooters are not weatherproof and should never be left outdoors in severe weather or for an extended period. This cover is meant to be used for extra protection or for unforeseen situations where it is not possible to get your scooter underneath a proper covering for a short period


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Care Instructions:

  • Spot clean the weatherproof cover as needed with a damp cloth
  • Allow the cover to dry completely between uses

What’s Included:

  • Vive Mobility Scooter Cover


    Can I use this scooter cover when transporting my scooter on a trailer?

    Yes, the Vive Mobility Scooter Cover may be used when transporting the scooter, however, we would recommend extra ties be used to secure the cover, scooter and trailer.

    Does the bottom of the scooter cover close up?

    Yes, the bottom of the cover features a drawstring for securing the cover along the bottom of the mobility scooter.

    Is the Vive Mobility Scooter Cover waterproof?

    Yes! Our protective cover is made with waterproof material. It is suitable for light to moderate rain. The cover is not designed to replace safe indoor or garage storage and is not suitable for extended periods of rain or snow.

    Will this cover fit my small 3-wheel scooter?

    Our mobility scooter cover is generously sized to fit most 3 and 4-wheel scooters, including XL scooters.

    Can I use this cover for my foldable scooter?

    Yes, the cover may be used on foldable scooter styles.

    Does the mobility scooter cover provide UV protection?

    Yes, our scooter cover protects your scooter from UV damage.

    Will this mobility scooter cover fit my full-sized scooter?

    Our scooter cover is generously sized to fit XL scooters.