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Actimove - Therapy Solutions For Every Day Support


  • Professional Line  serious orthopedic injuries require good pain management and healing support to allow patients to get back to working to support their families. Actimove Professional Line provides excellent functionality through support, stabilization or immobilization.
  • Sports Edition – younger, sporty people often wear neoprene braces & supports after sports injuries or to prevent re-injury. A major complaint about these is that they are too hot to wear and cause excessive sweating.Actimove Sports Edition aids pain relief and healing through balanced warmth and medical compression. They offer great comfort from excellent moisture management and skin-friendly materials.
  • Everyday Supports – with age, patients frequently suffer from chronic degenerative joints diseases, impacting how they are able move. They are looking for stability to support their mobility. Actimove Everyday Supports provides medical compression that helps to reduce edema and aids pain relief. Its enduring comfort is combined in a range of reliable and durable supports.
  • Arthritis Care – elderly people suffering from chronic, painful osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are on a quest to find lasting pain-relief2 to help them live their daily lives. Actimove Arthritis Care supports aid pain relief and increase joint mobility through soothing warmth and compression.
  • Kids – many children suffering from play or sport injuries may not like to wear supports, because most available neoprene-made options may be too hot. Actimove Kids offers pain relief and healing through balanced warmth and medical compression. Kids will enjoy great comfort from skin-friendly materials offering excellent moisture management.