ErgoActives Ergocap Ultralite Universal Rubber Cane Tip

Ergoactives Ultralite
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Ergocap® Ultralite is a universal cane tip that immediately makes any cane more comfortable to walk with! Experience the comfort and innovative features of the Ergocap and you will never buy a different cane rubber tip again!


  • Ergocap Ultralite is a Universal, Non-Slippery Crutch Rubber Tip designed Specially for Canes & Walking Sticks. It is lighter and smaller compared to the Ergocap High Performance, designed for Crutches.
  • Ergocap® Ultralite was designed to provide the user with stability & balance at any angle in which it is positioned.
  • Ergocap® Ultralite reduces the vibration and impact with the ground as it is equipped with our patented shock-absorbing system.
  • Ergocap® Utralite by Ergoactives is a four-legged tip design that provides increased stability and balance as the user walks with a walking stick/cane.
  • Fits any cane! Anti-Slippery & promotes a perfect gait (Heel-Flat-Toe)
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