Drive Medical Quad Stand Alone Cane Tip - 4 Pronged For Extra Stability

Drive Medical RTL10353
$29.62 $39.95
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Experience the superior stability typically associated with large base quad canes, but in a lighter and more compact form. Drive Medical's Free Standing Cane Tip is engineered for easy lifting and placement on a smoother, even surface compared to the prongs of a traditional quad base cane. This design promotes better balance and a more natural walking stride.

Compatible with any 3/4" diameter cane, the Free Standing Cane Tip offers versatility. Moreover, it allows the cane to stand independently, simplifying its use. Durable and lightweight, this Quad Tip is an excellent solution for enhancing mobility and stability.

Features & Highlights:

  • Allows cane to stand upright on its own
  • Provides better balance and stability with a 4-pronged base
  • For use with ¾" diameter cane