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It is with great pleasure we introduce to you our latest Flower House original product innovations for your Home and Garden. Check out the brand new Pop-Up Storage Sheds, Pop-Up Greenhouses (in original GroTec and in new Clear series), and finally our unique Butterfly Furniture. Great effort has gone into designing and producing our Storage Sheds, Home Greenhouses, and totally unique Hanging Furniture. All our Storage Sheds and Greenhouses incorporate Pop-Up Technology that makes them “Pop Up” quickly and effortlessly into proper setup position for year round use or can be easily folded down for compact portability and storage in the off season. Our award winning Pop-Up Greenhouses now come in more sizes than ever to help fit into every garden and any budget. All products are custom made to the highest quality standards in the industry and engineered to withstand the harshest climatic conditions to last a lifetime. Every product is covered by a one-year warranty and has free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.