Golden Technologies Power Recliners, Scooters and Adjustable Beds

Of all solutions for maintaining your independence, Golden Technologies sets the bar for its competitors, both in terms of quality and variety. Still a family-owned business, Golden Tech began with an idea to develop a more comfortable lift chair. This concept has since spawned lines of power recliner chairs, wheelchairs, electric beds and scooters. Durable, long-lasting construction defines each product, and the company stands by its work with lifetime warranties.

From Golden Tech scooters and lift recliners to the parts and accessories needed to keep your product aligned with your specific needs, you'll find many essentials that make sense in our online inventory. Scooter accessories like cup holders, bags and folding baskets allow you to easily take your personal items while on the go. Golden Technologies' versatile power lift recliners will help you get from a seated to a standing position quickly and easily.

Additionally, Golden Tech electric power chairs will help you lead that active lifestyle you want without your mobility issues holding you back. All are equipped with the Golden Comfort Zone system: Adjust the footrest, backrest, headrest, lumbar and tilt to find your ideal position.

BRAND NEW Golden Passport Hi-Low Full Electric Beds

How you sleep and the level of support you receive during your resting period significantly impact your overall health. Having the ability to change positions while resting can help address various health issues, particularly pains and ailments.

An adjustable bed allows you to precisely modify your sleep position by independently inclining or declining your head and/or legs, aligning them with the natural contours of your body. The greater the number of adjustment points, the more extensive the health benefits. This enables you to attain various wellness positions such as Zero-Gravity and the Trendelenburg position.

What is the ZG+ position?

The "+" stands for the combination of our patented Twilight Tilt Technology and our patented MaxiComfort® positioning technology, which re-positions the seat as you recline to gently cradle your body into a unique zero gravity position, elevating your experience in a way other recliners can't.

Simply press and hold the ZG+ button to move the chair to this ideal ergonomic position to take stress off the joints and muscles and allow your body to enter a state of complete relaxation. The weightless experience is one-of-a-kind!

Why ZG+?

  • Straight or "locked" knees can cause stress to your lower back and spine increasing pain in that area.
  • Straight or "locked" knees can restrict the venous return of blood back to the heart.
  • Many people find the fetal position to be the most comfortable, but too tight of a position can cause stiffness and soreness to muscles and joints.
  • Adding the supported bend in the knee, in addition to the tilting motion, may help prevent these issues while adding to your overall comfort and wellness, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated like never before.

About Golden Technologies

In 1985, Robert Golden, Sr., and Fred Kiwak started Golden Technologies in their garage in Pittston, PA. With about 100 years of furniture-building experience between them, they worked with area craftsmen to create a lift recliner built to hold up to years of wear and tear.

Operating under the motto of "build it right the first time," the company saw its reputation grow due to the quality and reliability of their products. Today, this approach extends through all Golden Tech mobility systems, recliners and adjustable beds.