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Nileeva - Cleansing Cloths, Sanitary Napkins, Cleansing Wipes, Pads & More

Nileeva is a brand with big, world-changing dreams.

Their thoughtful selection of personal hygiene products, conveniently available through, are made using quality products and quality ingredients – none of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff! Niveela is committed to providing a positive impact for its customers and our planet.

Products available include intimate wipes, deodorant wipes, sanitary napkins, underarm pads and shower pads, delivered at an affordable price. Who says better quality needs to be more expensive?

Niveela has created a wonderful selection of products for use in everyday life.

Nileeva Product Lines - Feminine Personal Cleansing ClothsMake up remover wipes - Eye-Make up remover wipes - Nail polish remover wipes - Intimate wipes - Deodorant wipes - Sanitary Napkins - Underarm Pads - Shower Pads