As a developer of lightweight wheelchairs and transfer chairs, Strongback Mobility has a less-typical story. Founder Ladd Lougee was using a camping chair, only to find that prolonged sitting led to back and neck pain. Lougee's first solution was a camping chair designed to improve comfort, support and the user's posture, and he later adapted these features to the design of a wheelchair, working in conjunction with Dr. Christian Grothe. Together, they launched what would be the first Strongback wheelchair, an ergonomic design that has since won awards for its innovative, user-friendly features.

Strongback Mobility Wheelchairs and Products

From these origins, Strongback has since expanded its product line to encompass both wheelchairs and transport chairs suiting a wider range of user needs and mobility challenges, all with the goal of improving quality of life.

Within Strongback Mobility's product line:

  • Strongback wheelchairs continue to be crafted as lightweight, ergonomic solutions with support intended to maintain the user's posture. Wheelchairs are foldable and portable, making them ideal for transportation, storage and travel. At the same time, adjustability allows the user to achieve an ideal level of comfort. Wheelchairs include standard support and bariatric models.
  • Strongback transport chairs:Designed to improve mobility, Strongback transport chairs start with a lightweight, comfortable and ergonomic design built to strengthen posture and decrease strain on other parts of the body. Foldable construction accommodates transportation and suits both indoor and outdoor environments.

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