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The prevalence of age-related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts, is on the rise. For that reason, assistive technology for the visually impaired is in demand now more than ever. Vispero plays a vital role in this type of technology. In fact, Vispero is the world's largest visually impaired assistive device developer and manufacturer in the world. It provides a premium line of superior products to help the visually impaired effectively live their lives and face vision issues head-on. Through their wearables, optical and video magnifiers, as well as reading and scanning devices along with corresponding software, Vispero is at the forefront of the low-vision industry.

The Vispero Family of Products

Although Vispero was officially formed in 2016, its familiar brands like Freedom Scientific, Optelec, Enhanced Vision and the Paciello Group share a long history that dates back to 1975. These highly rated products available at use advanced technology and software to bring the most comprehensive, helpful solutions to those who experience vision problems, allowing them to experience life to its fullest.

Vision-Assist Products at Low Prices

Shop our entire line of Vispero family products at, including text-to-speech video magnifiers, reading cameras, read-aloud scanners and much more! We offer competitive prices on vision-assist products along with a price-match guarantee, so you know that you'll always be receiving the best prices available online. Browse our line of at-home or portable Vispero products and find the product that is right for you. If assistance is needed when choosing the right item, our Customer Care Specialists can help. Whether you're searching for the Freedom Scientific ONYX OCR Vision Magnifier or the Enhanced Vision Pebble HD Lightweight Portable Video Magnifier with a 4.3-inch viewing screen, can help set you up with the right product that will fit your budget - and your lifestyle!