WHILL Ci2 - Personal Smart Electric Power Chair 

WHILL Power Chairs have received more awards than any other devices in their class. With their compact size, patented omni wheels, remote app control, and advanced battery technology, our products allow you to explore the world effortlessly. With its impressive power, smart technology, and superior handling, the Model Ci2 allows you to live the life you aspire to.

To learn more about the WHILL Model Ci2 and make your buying experience a smooth as possible, book a call with us. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you through the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Choose from 6 different arm color options and customize the Model Ci2 to match your personal style

WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service

WHILL Autonomous Mobility Service offers a solution comprised of autonomous mobility devices compatible with our fleet management system. Our safe and reliable systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into any business and are custom-made to complement your unique environment.

WHILL Ci2 Key Features

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Key Specifications For The WHILL Ci2

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