Carex Quad Cane with Large Base and Adjustable Height

Carex Health Brands A740C0
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Made with innovative technology and designed to provide you with maximum comfort, this Carex Quad Cane with Large Base and Adjustable Height provides a lower center of gravity for increased stability and balance. This design is perfect for those who are independent enough to use a one-hand walking aid but still need the four point stability that quad canes provide.


  • YOUR ULTIMATE SUPPORT DEVICE: This quad cane is super sturdy; no need to worry about whether this cane is solid enough to support your body weight. It will support up to 250 lbs without fail! Adaptable for right and left hand users.
  • SOLID SUPPORT FOR YOUR BODY WEIGHT: Many walking canes are built with curvature and flexibility into their designs. This concept almost always backfires. This quad cane that we’ve built was created to support your body weight at all times.
  • GET A SECURE GRIP ON YOUR LIFE: With assistive devices, such our quad canes, your grip is as important as everything else. We’ve engineered this cane to be very comfortable with a secure grip. Grip this cane without fear of harm or unfortunate mishaps
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WALKING CANE: Our quad cane are adjustable from 28” to 37”, perfect for short and tall people.
  • GUARANTEED LONG-LASTING SUPPORT: Made with aluminum, these quad canes for men and women were manufactured to be sturdy and long-lasting. Support your body weight during activities of everyday life without fear by selecting our well engineered cane
  • Supports User from 5'0" - 6'1"
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