RAD Rod Muscle Massaging Stick Roller

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The slender design of the RAD Rod massage stick minimizes surface area so you can apply highly targeted pressure without pain.
The roller is designed with a stainless steel core and soft EVA outer shell, allowing for intense myofascial release without sacrificing comfort and sensitivity. 
Its sturdy design means the roller doesn’t bend or give in, making it ideal for tension relief in thick tissue areas of the body such as hamstrings and quads. Its smaller size also makes it more manageable for areas like calves and shins. 
The massage stick’s ability to relieve leg soreness and promote muscle recovery make it a favorite among runners and endurance athletes.  
  • Multi-use massage, mobility and recovery stick with a lifetime guarantee
  • Relieves muscle tension, increases mobility and aids in recovery through self myofascial release
  • Won’t bend / steel core with high density EVA foam outer coating that grips the skin and wipes clean
  • 19 + USES / Designed for IT bands, quads and neck. Can also use on SCM, triceps, forearms, QL, glutes, PSOAS, hamstrings, adductors, calves, peroneals and more
  • IDEAL FOR / pre and post-workout, yoga, travel, body maintenance, muscle tightness, muscle pain (jaw, neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, hands, feet), personal training, increasing performance, athletes, flexibility, crossfit training, health and wellness
  • Dimensions: 21 ¼” L x ¾” W
  • Materials: Steel, EVA foam and silicon
This product can be combined with the RAD Helix for two-in-one massage rolling. (Helix sold separately.)
RAD Rod Muscle Massaging Stick Roller
RAD Rod Muscle Massaging Stick Roller