SafeRacks Garage Wall Shelves - 2 Pack Combo Set with 4 Hanging Hooks

Saferacks SR-WS1 18x36-W
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SafeRacks Wall Shelves are engineered to optimize your space and reclaim your floor area. Made from robust steel, these wall-mounted shelves deliver unparalleled strength and longevity, ensuring your belongings are safely stored.

More than just sturdy storage solutions, SafeRacks wall shelves also enhance the aesthetic of any room. The sleek, steel construction not only ensures durability but also contributes a modern, industrial flair to your decor. Ideal for garages, home offices, or commercial spaces, these shelves offer both practicality and visual appeal.

Each set of SafeRacks Wall Shelves comes with four accessory hooks, adding extra storage possibilities. These hooks are perfect for hanging tools, bags, bikes, and other items, helping to maximize your space even further. The versatility of these shelves provides a comprehensive answer to clutter and disorganization.

Installation is simple, with wall-mounted designs that utilize vertical space effectively, keeping your floors clear and accessible. Whether you need a single shelf for focused storage or multiple units for a comprehensive system, SafeRacks provides the flexibility and reliability you need.

Choose SafeRacks Wall Shelves for a fusion of style, strength, and storage efficiency. Transform your space today and experience the superior blend of form and function that SafeRacks uniquely offers.


  • INCLUDES: (2)  wall shelves, (4) Versatile deck hooks, and ALL necessary hardware.
  • HARDWARE: SafeRacks uses grade 8 case-hardened 5/16”x3” Lag Bolts. Most competitor’s use 1/4” hardware that is Grade 2 or below.
  • CAPACITY: The SafeRacks Wall Shelves hold a total of 500lb per pair, easily storing anything you throw at it.
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Heavy-duty wire decks and brackets combined with an innovative design provide a sturdy and safe storage solution. Deck clips secure wire deck to wall to prevent any rattles or movement
  • AESTHETICS: Powder coated brackets and wire decks create a sleek and clean finish that looks great in areas with finished walls and ceilings.