Choosing the Perfect Lift Assist Recliner: Factors to Consider

Choosing the Perfect Lift Assist Recliner: Factors to Consider

As you grow older, you may find that you can't quite get comfortable as you sit down, or need support as you stand up from your seat. Lift chairs - also called recliners with lift assist - address these concerns, helping you get into a standing position and including features that take pressure off your joints and other parts of your body.

Yet, lift chairs encompass a broad range of models based on positioning and features. As you shop around, think about the following:

What is a Recliner With Lift Assist?

A recliner with lift assist looks like any other living room chair - plush, comfortable and ready for relaxing at the end of the day. Yet, it offers more: Specifically, through pushing a button or using a remote control, the chair tilts at an angle of 45 degrees or lifts upward from its base to assist you into a standing position. You, in turn, exert less body strength and are less likely to experience an injury.

In addition to this functionality, lift chairs:

  • Adjust to multiple positions to help you get comfortable as you sit or lie down.
  • Provide more lumbar support.
  • Include features to improve circulation.

What to Consider When Selecting a Recliner With Lift Assist

To get a lift chair in line with your needs, think about the following:

Why You Want - or Need - a Lift Chair

A combination of the following indicates you'll likely benefit from a lift chair:

  • You experience difficulties standing up from your seat or shifting from lying down to a seated position.
  • You've fallen or had a close call while standing up from your couch or recliner.
  • You slouch on your living room furniture or find you're never quite comfortable.
  • Your body aches after sitting down on the sofa or in your recliner after a period of time.

Positioning and Support

Lift chairs typically provide the following options for positioning:

  • Two positions: You can sit up or recline.
  • Three positions: This chair lets you sit up, recline back to relax or recline at a greater angle.
  • Infinite positions: From the body to the foot and headrests, these chairs adjust to multiple positions and accommodate individuals who need to keep their feet above heart level. These models typically operate with two motors.
  • Zero gravity: This extra position lessens pressure placed on your joints and improves circulation by reducing the force of gravity.

Size and Weight

Make sure your chair fully accommodates your body and is sized to your living area. To this point, a lift chair should support but not restrict your form, and you shouldn't slide around in your seat. Understand how much space you need and how much room your home has by measuring the seat's depth and width and how high it sits from the floor.

For reference, lift chairs range in size from small and petite to XXL and larger models, and may offer a wider or taller seat. Additionally, check how far the chair will recline to make sure you won't hit a wall as you're changing positions.

In addition to dimensions, look up the chair's weight capacity to see if it supports your body type.


Lift chairs use leather or textile for the exterior. Materials offer pros and cons:

  • Leather feels more luxurious but requires more maintenance and can cause the body to sweat.
  • Textiles let the skin breathe but absorb more liquid. In turn, they quickly show stains if someone eats in their chair or lives with incontinence.

Additional Features

Think about the full experience you want from your recliner with lift assist. Along with positioning and adjustability, these chairs may incorporate:

  • Heat application or massage to improve circulation.
  • Greater lumbar support to improve posture and eliminate the need for a pillow.
  • Storage pockets and compartments.
  • Cup holders and trays for eating from your chair.
  • USB chargers for your phone and tablet.
  • Features for sleeping in your chair.

Explore Golden Tech lift chairs and more recliners with lift assist at Familiarize yourself with all the possibilities online, or discuss solutions with one of our customer representatives.

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