Brand New Additions - Bathroom Aids

SoftSecure 360 Degree Rotating Shower Chair

A 360° swivel chair makes it safe and easy to get in and out of your tub or shower. Easy to clean, with zero water absorption.

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SoftSecure Rotating Transfer Tub Bench

This bathtub chair is specially crafted for those wanting to be able to sit down on the bench outside of the bathtub and then safely transfer to the inside of the tub, without having to step over the edge of the tub!

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SoftSecure Uplift Toilet Assist

The SoftSecure Uplift Commode can be used as a freestanding bedside commode, over a toilet or as a shower chair. It features a comfortable spring-controlled seat that lowers you slowly to a seated position and gently raises you up to a safe standing (nose over toes) position.

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SoftSecure 3-in-1 Commode Chair

This 3-in-1 system provides significant advantages for home care, offering a safe, comfortable, independent toilet solution in the form of a bedside commode, shower chair, and raised toilet seat

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The Benefits of The Zinger

Dual-lever driving (as with a zero-turn lawn mower) is ultra responsive and nimble

• Three speed settings: 0-1 mph/0-3 mph/0-6 mph; and Reverse: 0-1 mph

• The 24" turning radius allows turns on a dime, 50% smaller turning radius than other chairs

• Drives on almost any surface, indoors or outdoors, including grass, dirt, and small gravel

• Only 47 lbs with the battery (42 lbs without) compared to power chairs that weigh 100+ lbs.

• Easy folding with a single pull release cable; once folded, it fits into the backseat or trunk of a car and can be wheeled like a piece of luggage

Traveling is easy

• FAA Approved – can be used in airports and can get you right up to your gate. Battery is carried on, while the Zinger is treated like oversized luggage at the gate as you board

• Traveling up to 6 mph means you can keep up with friends as you use your Zinger

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Benefits of The Zoomer


Easy folding with a single pull release cable; once folded, it fits into the backseat or trunk of a car and can be wheeled like a piece of luggage

• Comes assembled, never has to be disassembled

• Joystick can be mounted on the left- or right-hand armrest

• Swing-away footplate so you can exit safely and easily

• Can be manually pushed when chair is not in use and unlocked

• Solid tires mean you never have to fill them back up


• FAA Approved – Now you can take that dream trip you always wanted.  Take your Zoomer right up to the gate, remove the battery and carry on the plane and the airline will take your Zoomer to stow it below. As you come off of the plane you can get right back in your Zoomer and zoom through the airport with ease!

• Traveling up to 3.7 mph means you can keep up with friends, loved ones, and pets as you use your Zoomer

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The Perfect Sleep Chair®

With the Perfect Sleep Chair®, there's a perfect position for everybody, even those who prefer to lie flat but want the additional support that most mattresses don't provide. The powered recliner is controlled by remote, so you can enjoy any position with ease.

The Perfect Sleep Chair is designed to be the most comfortable lift chair you will ever own. Whether sitting upright, leaning back to watch TV or lying completely flat for sleeping, you can craft your personalized level of comfort, with therapeutic heat and massage built in. It’s effortless comfort at the touch of a button.

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UPbed® Independence - Stand Assist Electric Bed

The Journey UPbed® Independence is a highly functional Stand Assist Full Electric Bed that rotates to assist you in getting in and out of bed with ease. While everyone’s situation is different, the unique design of the UPbed Standard allows you to press one button to gently be raised to a nearly standing position.  Imagine your bed doing most of the work for you, swinging out and up to help you stand and safely step from the bed independently. And the same easy process in reverse lowers you down to the position of your choice. If you can use a lift chair by yourself, then you likely can use an UPbed.

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So Lite™ Lightweight Folding Scooter - Airline Travel Approved

The So Lite Scooter™ is very light, very safe, and designed to get you moving. Go shopping, visit friends and family, and get out and about... the battery will last up to eight miles on a single charge. 

Light yet sturdy:The super-light frame (just 40.8 lbs) and four wheels help make moving easier than ever. 

Nearly impossible to tip over: Anti-tippers and electronic stability control make the So Lite extremely safe.

Folds away fast:  Your scooter folds in just seconds, ready for cars, trains, and airplanes ... no tools needed.

Always comfy & convenient: Enjoy padded seat, backrests, and arms, along with ample storage bags and baskets. 

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