Healthcraft Portable Advantage Pole™ Bariatric Floor Mounted & Removable Vertical Support Pole

HealthCraft AR-AP-P-HD
$522.00 $649.00
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The Advantage Pole is a premium, commercial-grade floor-mounted support pole that excels in quality and reliability. Designed to handle moderate vertical load-bearing, its primary purpose is to offer essential support for individuals with reduced mobility, facilitating both sitting and standing.

The Advantage Pole's mast is securely installed into a structural floor, ensuring stability and safety. For added convenience, the Advantage Pole Portable model features a low-profile floor-mounted plate that allows for easy and secure attachment and removal of the pole. This feature is particularly useful as it allows the pole to be taken down when it is not needed, providing flexibility and adaptability for different situations and users.

Features & Highlights:

  • The Advantage Pole Portable model secures and releases from a low profile floor mounted plate. Simply remove pole when it is not needed.
  • The Advantage Pole Bariatric is a portable safety pole secured to a floor mounted plate
  • White powder coat finish; latex-free, non-slip, PVC closed foam grip material
  • The Advantage Pole comes with 1 floor plate; Add more floor plates around your home with the Advantage Rail Floor Plate (AR-FP)
  • Advantage Pole supports up to 450lbs
  • Total weight - 26 lbs