Invisia™ SerenaSeat™ Pro Stainless Steel Folding Luxury Shower Seat

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Introducing the enhanced Pro Series of SerenaSeat, building upon the acclaimed SerenaSeat Standard by incorporating an array of impressive upgrades! This Pro Series boasts a robust stainless steel frame and a customizable pressure hinge. The newly introduced designer colors not only offer extended durability but also facilitate effortless maintenance. The SerenaSeat Pro ensures opulent comfort precisely when required, effortlessly folding against the wall when not in use for added convenience.

Features & Highlights:

  • Refined Frame - The SerenaSeat Pro’s stainless steel frame is 50% thinner than our standard aluminum frame. This gives a sleeker and more refined appearance. 
  • Eco-friendly and built to last long - Bamboo is the perfect choice. Sustainable and resistant to moisture, temperature and bacteria. 
  • The new designer colours last even longer and are easier to clean. The SerenaSeat Pro provides luxury and comfort when you need it, but conveniently folds against the wall when you don’t.
  • With a designed designed to distribute weight capacity over a wide surface area of the wall. Combined with installation into a secure structure, the SerenaSeat Pro allows for a weight capacity up to 500lbs/227kg.