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Climbing Steps engineers products with a focus on simplicity, ensuring easy operation for patients. This way, they can swiftly return to what truly holds significance in life - cherishing moments with their loved ones. Their line of highly functional stair climbers assist customers with mobility needs and include the mobile stairlift, wheelchair lift, stair chair and more. 

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Introducing The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift

The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift stands as a patient transfer apparatus, offering a secure and convenient method to move patients with restricted mobility within their residence or healthcare center. It boasts exceptional versatility and durability, ensuring patient comfort while enabling caregivers to operate it with ease.

Freedom Transfer Patient Lift - Complete Home Patient Transfer Chair - Patient Lifts

Freedom Transfer Highlights:

Easy Transfers - The device seat folds open 90° to help you safely transfer from a seated position to the chair.

Portable Commode - Our lift chair conveniently provides a cut-out in the seat for toilette use. A portable commode pail may be attached and used as well.

Remote Controlled - Features both a built-in control and a detachable remote for lifting and lowering you safely.

Adjustable - The height of the unit may be adjusted to accommodate height differences when transporting.

Ergonomic Handles - Our adjustable handles are comfortable with secure grips for either you or your caregiver to use.

Wheel Locks - The device features dual front and rear locks for added safety when being transported.

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Freedom Transfer Patient Lift - Complete Home Patient Transfer Chair - Patient Lifts

Where Can The Freedom Transfer Patient Lift Take You?

  • Living Room - Spend more time with your family with the ability to transfer to your favorite comfortable spot.
  • Hospital Room Transfer - Patient transfer devices do not have to be uncomfortable or painful — move from room-to-room quickly and with ease.
  • Dining Room - Skip meals in bed and enjoy your old routine once again by eating in your dining room with friends and family.
  • Toilet - Transfer safely to the bathroom or attach the portable commode pail when needed.
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Ascend & GO Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift - Patient Lifts

Why the Ascend & Go Sit to Stand Patient Lift is The Right Choice

  • Safe Transfers - Potential injuries of the caregiver and the user that associated with full body lifts are eliminated with the sit-to-stand lift.
  • Device compatibility - The low base is designed to easily fit underneath beds, and the angled leg base design allows the lift to fit around commodes and other devices.
  • Physical Therapy - A sit-to-stand lift helps maintain your independence and can delay physical decline by improving your natural range of motion and balance.
  • Small Footprint - When compared to traditional sling lifts, the Ascend & Go has a smaller overall size, perfect for caregivers who need to save space.
  • Pivoting Seat - Makes settling into the lift easy and secure, allowing patients to remain in their preferred standing position during transfer.
  • Soft Knee Supports - Provide extra stability, while its leveraged power feature uses the patient’s own energy to operate it smoothly.
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ArGo Power Toilet Lift - Up & Down Electric Toilet Lifting Aid - Toilet Lifts

Why the Argo Powered Toilet Lift is Built for You

  • Independent Use - The Argo Power Toilet Lift is the perfect solution to help you maintain your independence and privacy in the bathroom.
  • Security In Mind - You never have to worry about getting stuck – the electric lift has a rechargeable battery that will help you up even in the event of a power outage.
  • Pain Relief - The ArGo toilet lift is designed to help those who want to avoid painful falls, bending, or joint strain when using sitting down or standing up from the toilet.
  • Family Friendly - Don't worry about moving the toilet lift to the bathroom before each use. Everyone can easily use the same toilet with the Argo in the down position.
  • Universal Design - The ArGo toilet lift height is adjustable, so it will work with almost all toilets, making it a versatile choice for any bathroom.
  • High Lift - With a 13" lift height above the toilet, this lift is made for those who want an easy and painless way to get back on their feet again.
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Bridge Bath Lift - Independent Bath Lift with Easy User Controls - Bath Lifts

Why the Bridge Bath Lift Over Other Lifts

  • Independent Use - With just one required operator, you'll be able to get in and out of the tub quickly and independently with ease.
  • Easily Transported - Simply remove it from the bathtub when you're done and put it away until next time. With its lightweight design, one person can easily move it around.
  • Extended Back Seat - The Bridge Bath Lift features a tall back seat that is comfortable and accommodating for different body types. This extra support will help you feel more confident and safe while bathing.
  • Tub Transfer Flaps - Keep yourself safe while using the Bridge Bath Lift with its integrated side flaps. These are designed to rest on the edge of the tub to allow you to slide directly into the seat.
  • Recline - For added relaxation, after the bath lift is fully lowered, the seat on the Bridge Bath Lift will recline an additional 54 degrees. This will allow you to truly unwind in the bathtub and ease any tension that you may be feeling.
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