Strongback Wheelchair Travel/Storage Bag

Strongback Mobility A1001
$249.95 $349.95
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  • Protect your wheelchair from dirt and the elements whether you are traveling by airplane, or simply storing it in the trunk of your car, closet, or garage 
  • Easy to carry with reinforced handles and easy to roll with 4 castor wheels on the hard base bottom 
  • Constructed with a black quilted and padded nylon material which is lightweight, and water-resistant. The protective travel bag is durably designed for frequent travelers and is perfect for air travel and safe storage 
  • Zipper closure makes it easy to open and close 
  • Easy to clean: bag can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary 

Large - For Wheelchairs

  • Suitable for STRONGBACK 22S and 24 models including +AB and 24 Flip
  • Large bag dimensions: 31 x 12 x 31 inches (Please measure your transport device before purchase to ensure your product will fit properly.) 

Small - For Transport Chairs

  • Suitable for STRONGBACK8, 12, 12S including +AB models
  • Small bag dimensions: 27 x 12 x 27 inches (Please measure your transport device before purchase to ensure your product will fit properly.) 

Improve Posture with a Strongback Mobility Chair

With a design aesthetic that is focused on improving posture by properly supporting the spine, the range of Strongback Mobility wheelchairs and transport chairs sets new standards in mobility and comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic design and ultra-lightweight materials that are used in their construction, these wheelchairs provide exceptional support and a great sense of well-being among users. Why settle for an inferior product when our wheelchairs can provide such an improvement to your quality of life?

Feel Comfortable in Any Setting

The STRONGBACK design style aims to provide exceptional levels of comfort in any setting. Whether you are looking for a chair that will provide ease of movement when you are out and about or want something that you can sit in for prolonged periods without lower lumbar aches and pains, the entire range of wheelchairs from Strongback Mobility will fit the bill. Whether you want to spend the day out with friends and family, go on an excursion or, commute to work, our products are designed for reliability, comfort, and support.

STRONGBACK Wheelchairs – Intelligent Design for Everyday Use

The designs of our wheelchairs offer everyday practicality, for example, the lightweight design makes it easy to fold up and place into the trunk of your car. What's more, there is a sporty-looking design aesthetic which means each ergonomic wheelchair is distinctive looking and will stand out from traditional models. There are sweeping lines and an elegant color scheme to enjoy as well as a very practical frame-integrated posture support system.