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Not being able to fully see your surroundings can hinder your independence. Over two decades ago, Freedom Scientific sought to change this through aids for individuals living with a vision impairment, including age-related changes, low vision and blindness. Today, Freedom Scientific magnifiers and other solutions allow individuals to remain active - with their social circle, in their communities and to maintain their careers.

Low Vision Solutions

Demand for low vision aids continues to grow. Freedom Scientific not only meets this need but presents diverse offerings - from desktop to portable and video magnifiers designed to assist individuals living with macular degeneration or another impairment with reading, sewing and using electronic devices.

Freedom Scientific's current product line includes:

  • Portable low vision solutions: Take these devices with you to read labels, magazines, recipes, maps and books, view photos or write something out. Including the RUBY line of low vision aids, these devices deliver a clear, contrast-heavy, undistorted image for clarity, incorporate LED lighting and provide adjustable magnification.
  • Desktop low vision solutions: Magnifiers and closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) project an image onto a monitor, where you can then adjust it for optimal viewing. Including the TOPAZ series of magnifiers, Freedom Scientific's desktop devices additionally incorporate text-to-speech (OCR) for an improved reading and viewing experience.

Other Solutions

Freedom Scientific's product line is rounded out with:

  • Software: Add magnification and screen-reading capabilities to your electronic device to improve accessibility and user experience. ZoomText and JAWS solutions deliver these functionalities.
  • Blindness solutions: Freedom Scientific has developed portable and lightweight Braille displays.

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