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Why Use a Massage Chair at Home?

Not everyone can get to a massage appointment - nor are they always able to shoulder the cost. Personal massage chairs bring relaxation to you through an electronic design that activates a motor. Vibrations, plus other spinning components, deliver varying degrees of pressure to target deeper tissue and sore joints along your neck, shoulders, back and legs, as well as your arms and hands.

Especially for older adults concerned about flexibility, mobility and pain management, personal massage chairs:

  • Help with managing tense, stiff muscles, stress and inflammation.
  • Aid your body with circulation, including moving blood and oxygen and helping get rid of lactic acid and other toxins that can build up in your muscles.
  • Can assist with improving energy levels by addressing circulation issues.
  • Can help with improving flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Can help with improving sleep quality through relaxation.
  • Simply need to be controlled with a button or remote control.
  • Are often equipped with heat application and reclining capabilities.

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