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Optelec designs low vision aids with a two-part mission. One, the company strives to develop magnifiers and speech solutions that improve quality of life - from reading and engaging in hobbies to socializing with loved ones to maintaining your job. Two, Optelec designs its aids with straightforward, user-friendly construction to accommodate a range of visual impairments, from low-vision and age-related changes to blindness.

Optelec Low Vision Aids

Optelec's products fall into three distinct groups - magnification, speech solutions and daily living aids.

  • Magnification: Magnification and other solutions assist with improving visual clarity and overall quality of life for individuals living with macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy or a similar condition. Continue to read, write and view photos, including at home, on the job and in social contexts.
  • Speech solutions: Text-to-speech capabilities added to Optelec products help improve focus and comprehension in conjunction with magnification.
  • Daily living aids: Get the assistance you need at home and on the job with lamps and other products intended to help improve visual clarity as you read, write or engage in something you enjoy.

Learn More About Optelec Low Vision Aids

Are you considering a magnification solution to read print or digital materials better? Are you thinking about improving the illumination of your workspace? Understand how Optelec products can meet your changing vision needs. Get familiar online, or contact our customer care specialists to learn more about this brand.